Cute Bunny

Rabbit Boarding

Bunnies are special creatures. We give our bunny visitors a fun little holiday, when they stay with us.

During the day, if it is not too hot, our bunny boarders are able to free roam our large grassy outside area. This is filled with toys and tunnels to keep them entertained. They may stay in the shade of an outside hutch or come inside, if that is what they prefer. At night, all our bunny visitors sleep safely indoors.

We provide various hays and pellets for our bunny visitors and give them lots of cuddles throughout the day.

Each bunny is kept in a separate pen and these are cleaned thoroughly each day.

Bunny Accomodation

$20 per night

$12 additional bunny

Prices are set.

No surcharges at any time.


  • Large overnight enclosure. All bunnies sleep indoors at night.

  • Daily exercise and free roam time in our outside bunny area.

  • Temperature is continually monitored, if it is hot outside, bunnies will stay indoors.

  • Unlimited access to oaten hay, grass and water. Checked and replenished several times a day.

  • Treats of lucerne hay and barastoc pebbles daily.

  • Selection of rabbit toys and tunnels for your bunny to play with.

  • A safety box within their enclosure to ensure your bunny feels extra safe

  • Daily cleaning of bunny hutch and outside bunny enclosure.

  • Daily health and hygiene checks.